Founded and managed by
Namrata Chheda
  Chief Advisor
Dr. Reesha Dhulap M Sc (O.T.)
Ex Principal (2002 - 2008)
Shahana A. R. Tai
Special Educator with 10 years of teaching experience in India and abroad. She has worked across various special education schools with diverse environment and education needs, namely Autism , Aspergers’ and Downs’ Syndrome, ADD and ADHD, while being sensitive to cultural diversity.
She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Mumbai, as well as a Diploma In Special Education from NIMH (National Institute for the mentally Handicapped).
Shahana has previously worked as a Special Educator in Priyanj Special school from 2000-2004, before moving to Saudi Arabia. In Riyadh, she has worked at various mainstream as well as special education facilities from 2004-2012 providing services to differently abled children. She has also taught subjects like English,Math and Science, in addition to preparing class materials and imparting education through lectures, demonstration and discussion. She has worked with the primary concern of reinforcing skills such as independence, problem solving and goal setting.
Shahana has all the qualities required of a good administrator: attention and sensitivity to detail, outstanding interpersonal communication, demonstrates good work ethics, maintains an orderly learning environment, effective stress and time management techniques. She is parent and student oriented while being communicative and co-operative.
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Honorary Advisors
Dr. Vrajesh Udani (Child Neurologist & Epilepsy Specialist)
Dr. Dinaz N. Wadia (Speech and Language Pathologist)
Dr. Anjali Joshi (Occupational Therapist)