About The Founder
Mrs. Namrata Chedda plays a significant role in Priyanj Special School with particular concern for children with ASD who are desperately in need of loving care and attention. Having herself had to run from pillar to post in order to provide appropriate intervention services for Priyanj, she realised the need to provide an array of services under one roof for parents desperately seeking quality therapy for their child’s needs.

She focuses on offering quality teaching with efficient teachers. Her mission component is that she honestly believes that these children are the children of God and with loving care, affection, commitment and understanding any child regardless of the situation who comes to “Priyanj Special School” will be treated with dignity as God’s child. She believes that being part of this institution is much more than just a job and is very clear about the choices she makes since they are not based on any kind of monetary gains but aimed only at the well being of the children.